The Raymond John Wean Foundation Announces 2024 Racial Equity Institute Workshops

WARREN, OHIO—JANUARY 26, 2024—The Raymond John Wean Foundation today announced the 2024 dates for Racial Equity Institute (REI) workshops, which it has sponsored in the Mahoning Valley since 2017. The first two-day training this year will take place virtually on February 21 and 22, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Additional sessions are scheduled throughout the year.

The workshops are thoughtfully crafted to empower participants with a deeper comprehension of racism in its institutional and structural forms. Instead of dwelling on individual prejudices and biases, the workshops offer an insightful exploration of racism through historical, cultural and structural analysis. By gaining a clearer understanding of how institutions and systems contribute to unjust and inequitable outcomes, participants leave the training better equipped to initiate positive change. The sessions are facilitated by the Racial Equity Institute of Greensboro, N.C.

“We continue to hear from community members that they value the opportunity to participate in the REI trainings,” said Wean Foundation President Jennifer Roller. “Even if you’ve participated before, consider attending again. Each time you engage with the content, you walk away with something new. Our community’s participation is crucial in advancing a more equitable Mahoning Valley.”

Individuals interested in participating can find more details and register here. Please ensure you can attend the entirety of the two-day training before registering.

About The Wean Foundation

Established in 1949, the Wean Foundation is dedicated to community building in the under-resourced communities of Warren and Youngstown in Ohio’s Mahoning Valley. The Wean Foundation leverages a dynamic combination of grantmaking, capacity building and convening and partnerships to provoke new thinking, strengthen communities and disrupt the status quo to achieve its vision: empowered residents creating an equitable Mahoning Valley. Visit to learn more.

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