Wean Foundation First Quarter Grants Announced

March 16, 2022 (Warren, Ohio) – The Raymond John Wean Foundation Board of Directors recently met and awarded grants totaling $400,000 to two organizations, which continues a trend by the Foundation of providing multi-year general operating support to grantees.

 “We are excited to announce our first quarter 2022 grants to Ohio Voice, a new relationship we’re building and the Fund for our Economic Future, a continued and growing partnership. Both organizations’ work relates directly to existing and new race equity and inclusion (REI) outcomes,” says Jennifer Roller president, Wean Foundation. “As our REI efforts deepen, so must our intentionality which we will continue to demonstrate through our grantmaking, capacity building, and convening and partnerships.”

With a focus on its vision of empowering residents in creating a healthy, vibrant, equitable and economically stable Mahoning Valley, the Wean Foundation awarded grants to the following organizations:

The Fund for Our Economic Future The Fund is supported by a network of foundations, higher education, community development and government leaders who come together to learn, lead and develop ideas together to advance an inclusive economy.

Ohio Voice – Ohio Voice (OV) is recognized for its civic engagement work with nonprofits. At a local level, OV seeks to provide organizations in historically underrepresented communities with the support to do the daily organizing work of running and winning local campaigns. OV provides leadership development programs and assists organizations in building their own leadership development and training programs to help them run strong local campaigns that will win policy reform and improve lives.

“The Fund for Our Economic Future is grateful for the Wean Foundation’s continued partnership and commitment to a Northeast Ohio economy with good jobs and rising incomes for all,” said Bethia Burke, president of the Fund. “With the Wean Foundation’s support, we are able to provide a creative space for civic and philanthropic leaders to work together on issues that matter to the economy and advance solutions that work in the Mahoning Valley and across the region.”

The Wean Foundation looks to provide grants that fund the development and implementation of viable solutions led by organizations whose leadership reflects the racial demographics of the communities they work. Guided by the key principle that the deliberate and intentional engagement of residents is essential for authentic, lasting change to occur, the Wean Foundation supports organizations through four strategic priorities: Community revitalization, educational opportunity, economic opportunity and public and civic leadership.

“We are grateful for this opportunity to partner with the Wean Foundation. Ohio Voice works to support the growth of a strong civic engagement ecosystem in Ohio, and we understand the historic and future significance of the Valley for writing the story of our state. We look forward to the day when all of our communities can enjoy the prosperity of our state and are excited to be working with the thoughtful folks at Wean to chart a path for supporting the leaders working to empower and improve their communities every day,” says James Hayes, co-director, Ohio Voice.

“There is no easy fix for building civic engagement and making sure democracy is working for everyone, but we’re looking forward to partnering with the Wean Foundation to take steps toward those goals and more,” adds Gavin DeVore Leonard, co-director, Ohio Voice.

The Wean Foundation accepts applications for Community Investment grants year-round. There is no deadline to apply. Completion of the WeanFolio through the Foundation’s website is the entry point for all grantmaking, capacity building and community building engagement.

All information in the WeanFolio is stored securely online and can easily be updated with the organization’s leadership, programs, reports or other important information. All submissions are reviewed by Foundation staff who will respond with appropriate next-level engagement. The WeanFolio is not a grant submission, however it is a requirement to the grant application process. Those interested in potential partnerships, opportunities or other types of engagement with the Foundation are invited to submit a WeanFolio. To learn more, please visit weanfoundation.org.